Visitors to Brighton & Hove:  Please Click HERE for local info
Eastbourne Holocaust Memorial 23 Jan (Free) HERE
Lewes Holocaust Memorial 25 Jan (Free) HERE
AJEX Holocaust Memorial Service. 26 Jan. HERE
Historical Society. 28 Jan. HERE
West Sussex Shabbat Dinner: 31st Jan. HERE
Ralli Hall Film Club with/without food.  2nd Feb HERE
Holocaust Memorial Day @ Sussex Uni. 5th Feb HERE
Ne'imah Singers @ The JW3 (London) 8th Feb. HERE
CST Kiddush at Holland Rd Shul. 22 Feb All welcome      
Jewish History in the Archives. 18 March. HERE
ZF Dinner (London) 22 Mar. HERE
What's On at JW3 in London: HERE
West Sussex Jewish Community Newsletter HERE
Jack Kaye's Albion Reports: (update 8 Jan) HERE
Rabbi Sacks: 'Faith in the Future' 16th Jan HERE
News from Board of Deputies. 16th Jan HERE
Kosher Alerts: HERE
Limmud International Calendar: HERE 
Office of The Chief Rabbi. HERE
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